About Me

ATS Photography

Hey there! I'm Courtney

I am Ohio born and raised, originally from the NE and now I live in the NW of the state. I have always been a creative individual and have been drawing my whole life since I could hold a pencil. My grandmother got a DSLR camera to take nice photos but once she realized it's a little more than just point and shoot I decided to teach myself how to use it.

My only formal education in photography is online courses on Coursera. I studied with Michigan State University. I apply my knowledge when I take photos of my own horse or horses at his barn, on vacation, or of friends. 

Lee is my horse. He is a black Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding. I adopted him from  Kentucky Equine Adoption Center in 2020 and he is my first horse. He is absolutely living his best life now as a trail horse and treat vacuum, while occasionally being my model. 

I have been a horse crazy girl forever, always dreaming of owning my own horses, being a member of the Pony Book Club growing up and always going anywhere I could see horses. I love taking photos of them and capturing their majesty and personality. 

Please contact me if you are interested in helping me expand my portfolio as I am looking for models in my area and offering compensation with fully edited photos from the session.